Rooftop Snow Removal – Edmonton & area

With the winter conditions in Edmonton, removing snow from rooftops can be a challenging, and even dangerous endeavour. Without the right equipment and experience, trying to remove snow and ice from a roof can end up being a disaster. GrassChopper Landscaping has experienced and well-trained snow removal staff, as well as specialized equipment designed to remove snow from roofs, safely, effectively… without leaving a damaged roof.

Rooftop Snow Removal
Edmonton & Area
Award winning Edmonton snow removal services since 2001

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Leaving snow accumulations on a rooftop can create problems, such as exceeding the recommended weights the roof can support. An overabundance of snow left on a roof can lead to ice dams, shingle damage, leaks or even collapse. Other problems also include drifting on rooftop edges, or the accumulation of large icicles along the gutter area, which may slide off and fall on unsuspecting property or people.

GrassChopper Landscaping has been providing roof snow removal in Edmonton since 2001, and we have an army of highly trained staff who are experienced in rooftop snow clearing. We have a COR certified safety program, and all the right equipment to complete this work safely and effectively.

We clear snow off a variety of types of roofs including commercial flat roofs, shingled roofs, metal roofs, and standard sloped roofs for multi-family housing. This often requires lifting our custom-modified rooftop snow removal equipment to the rooftops, or working from raised platforms adjacent to the roof.

  • commercial flat roof snow removal
  • shingled roof snow removal
  • metal roof snow removal
  • standard sloped roof now removal (e.g. multi-family housing)

A strong focus on safety is paramount to a successful roof snow clearing project

Rooftop snow removal is often unique to each property, as the roofing type, and surrounding environment requires specialized safety and action plans for each project. Rooftop snow removal includes many hazards different from standard ground-level snow removal, so a strong focus on safety is paramount to a successful roof snow clearing project. Our project management team consists of a health and safety officer, project manager, and site foremen. The project management team will review the site in advance and create a specialized plan, and communicate this plan effectively to all workers to ensure an extremely safe, and high-quality roof snow removal operation.

Our rooftop snow removal teams are experienced, and very well trained

  • COR certified safety program, approved by the ACSA (Albert Construction Safety Association)
  • Safe work practices and safe job procedures for rooftop snow removal
  • $5 million in liability insurance
  • Covered by WCB
  • ISNetworld members

GrassChopper Landscaping has memberships with:

  • Urban Development Institute
  • Edmonton Construction Association
  • Snow and Ice Management Association

Additional staff training includes:

  • NCSO safety officers
  • Gold Seal safety officers
  • Gold Seal Project Managers
  • Green Roof Professionals
  • and a variety of other vocational safety training

All our projects are completed in a safe manner through our highly trained team creating a detailed safety and action plan, and communicating this plan effectively to all stakeholders in each and every project.

Our Edmonton snow removal clients include:

  • University of Alberta
  • Alberta Infrastructure
  • SNC-Lavalin
  • Oxford Property Management
  • Government of Canada
  • Melcor Developments
  • City of Edmonton

How do I know if my roof requires snow removal?

Most property owners aren’t trained to know at what point snow removal is recommended from rooftops. We offer on-site assessments and can provide recommendations for what type of rooftop snow removal program is right for your property. We also offer regular inspection programs so we’re always a couple steps ahead of any potential roof problems. This program includes monthly rooftop inspections, and inspections after larger snow events.

Will having the snow removed off of my roof disrupt our operations?

Generally, we can clear rooftops of snow without affecting on-site operations, so work can be completed simultaneously. There will be some coordination with on-ground operations as the snow will need to be pushed off the roof, onto the ground, and cleared away from there. Our team will coordinate all plans with each customer, and stay in communication throughout the project.

Rooftop Snow Removal
Edmonton & Area
Award winning Edmonton snow removal services since 2001

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