Commercial Snow Removal – Edmonton & Area

Edmonton Snow Removal Services including:

GrassChopper Landscaping has been offering commercial snow removal in Edmonton since 2001. Our snow removal services are reliable, timely, and always completed to the highest standards. We offer parking lot snow removal, sidewalk snow removal, parkade snow removal, parking lot sanding, rock chip bin rental, and all snow and ice management related services. Parking lot snow removal services include both push and pile, as well as snow hauling services.

We own a large fleet of snow removal equipment including skid steers, front-end loaders, motor graders, parking lot sanders, snow hauling trucks, and sidewalk sweepers and snowblowers. We offer both day and night commercial snow removal, and can ensure your parking lot and sidewalks are cleared of snow by business opening the next day.

Commercial Snow Removal – Edmonton & Area
Edmonton Snow Removal Pros
Award winning snow removal services since 2001

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We can guarantee your snow removal will be completed within 24 hours or less

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We provide commercial snow removal services for Edmonton and area properties. Our services cater to all property sizes from small to extremely large. Our experienced crews provide snow removal services for commercial clients as well as various levels of government.

Our Edmonton snow removal clients include:

  • University of Alberta
  • Alberta Infrastructure
  • SNC-Lavalin
  • Oxford Property Management
  • Government of Canada
  • Melcor Developments
  • City of Edmonton

Commercial Snow Removal – Edmonton & Area

We specialize in commercial snow removal and are trusted by a large number of Edmonton and area property managers, developers, condominium boards, and businesses.

GrassChopper Landscaping is Edmonton’s best snow removal contractor. We have a proven track record of high quality, timely response, and great communication which stems from our amazing staff culture. We are a unique company that believes in integrity at all levels, focusing on a positive workplace that values each and every staff member. This great company attitude shows in our work, through all of our happy and motivated staff on a daily basis. Although the Edmonton winters can be harsh, cold and dark, no amount of snow can stop a happy GrassChopper Landscaping team.

GrassChopper Landscaping: Alberta Venture “2016 Contractor Of The Year” click here

In addition to having developed a great team environment, GrassChopper Landscaping team members are well trained in snow removal operations and procedures, as well as health and safety. GrassChopper Landscaping can handle any size snow removal request with our team of well-equipped staff, but still we’re small enough to maintain our family feel, where communication is swift and team mentality is paramount. We are passionate about our team, and our team is passionate about snow removal in Edmonton.

We take snow removal seriously

  • We are insured with $5 Million liability coverage.
  • We have the COR safety designation through the Alberta Construction Safety Association.
  • Our staff are all highly trained in snow removal procedures, health and safety, first aid, and log all our snow removal activities thoroughly.
  • Our Health and Safety Officer ensures safe operations
  • Our superintendents are regularly inspecting sites to ensure each and every snow removal site is receiving the highest quality snow removal services in Edmonton.

Commercial Snow Removal – Edmonton & Area
Edmonton Snow Removal Pros
Award winning snow removal services since 2001

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How does our snow removal process work?

Our crews are divided into small teams; we have parking lot snow removal teams and sidewalk snow removal teams.

Sidewalk Snow Removal Teams:
The sidewalk snow removal team usually consists of five people, each assigned to a particular area of Edmonton. each sidewalk snow removal team maintains the same list of sites all winter. We have dedicated crews for the whole winter, who maintain the same sites, so our crews are very familiar with the intricacies of each project. The sidewalk snow removal team is equipped with snow blowers, backpack blowers, snow sweepers, shovels, ice chippers, rock chip, and ice melt. We leave our sidewalks clean down the pavement after each and every visit to a site. Site checks are also conducted regularly to ensure any melting/freezing, drifts, etc are addressed immediately.

Parking Lot Snow Removal Teams:
Our parking lot snow removal teams team consist of a varied number and type of equipment and operators depending on the nature and size of the site. Smaller sites may require only one skid steer and operator. Larger sites may require five or more skid steers, five or more front end loaders, several motor graders, a parking lot sander, and over 30 trucks.

There is no job too large for the GrassChopper Landscaping snow removal teams

Edmonton commercial snow removal company – GrassChopper Landscaping

Maintaining clear and safe public access during our long, harsh Edmonton winters can be a challenge. You need a reliable snow removal company to stay one step ahead of Old Man Winter. GrassChopper Landscaping has offered professional snow plowing services for clients like the City of Edmonton and the University of Alberta since 2001, we’d like to help your organization too.

If you are in the process of selecting a company for Edmonton snow clearing, we know your primary concerns are likely cost and reliability.

  • Our competitive prices can be worked into a seasonal contract, a monthly flat rate, or an hourly cost.
  • When it comes to reliable snow removal in Edmonton, we have the equipment and the manpower to hit the roads when you need us. Our fleet includes graders, skid-steers, bobcats, loaders, sweepers, gravel and end-dump trucks.

Try our snow plowing services for one season, and you’ll never have to shop for a snow removal contractor again.
*Remember, we also provide grounds maintenance services for those precious summer months.

Commercial Snow Removal – Edmonton & Area
Edmonton Snow Removal Pros
Award winning snow removal services since 2001

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