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Edmonton & area parking lot sanding – an important part of winter maintenance

GrassChopper Landscaping has been providing parking lot sanding services in the Edmonton area since 2001. As part of our snow removal services, we offer commercial parking lot sanding and roadway sanding. We also sand parkades and have specialized sanding equipment to fit into spaces with various height restrictions. We are available 24/7, and can often be available to sand within two hours of a sanding request. We can accommodate any schedule and are available to sand both day and night.

In combination with snow removal, parking lot sanding improves traction, driving conditions and safety for your customers and employees. At GrassChopper Landscaping, we can keep your parking lots, sidewalks and roadways clear with timely and efficient service. 

Icy parking lots can be a dangerous problem for vehicles and pedestrians alike. Edmonton’s weather can wreak havoc on parking lots whether it be snow that has packed then melted and refroze, from freezing rain, or from the slick conditions left after clearing snow from a parking lot. A parking lot left untreated can cause a number of accidents such as vehicular collisions and pedestrian slip and falls, both of which the property owner can be held responsible for. It is GrassChopper Landscapong’s mission is to help prevent such problems for occurring and keeping your parking lot in a safe condition at all times.

Snow Removal & Parking Lot Sanding
Edmonton & Area
Award winning snow removal & parking lot sanding services since 2001

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Why is sanding a parking lot important?

Sanding a parking lot is important for property owners on many levels. From a safety perspective, ensuring a parking lot has enough traction will greatly help prevent vehicular accidents and pedestrian slip and fall from happening. The people involved in these incidents could be tenants, employees, customers, and the general public. If the property owner does their due diligence by ensuring a hazard free surface, they are communicating to everyone using that parking lot that their safety is something important to the property owner. If an accident does occur within a sanded parking lot, the owner can prove they have done everything in their power to help prevent accidents from occurring, which will greatly help their cause from a liability perspective.

When is the best time to sand a parking lot?

Parking lots in Edmonton should be sanded several times a year. They should be sanded after every parking lot snow clearing operation, after fluctuating temperatures with melt and freeze cycles, and after several snowfalls of accumulated and compacted snow. On average a parking lot should be sanded between 10-20 times per winter season.

How soon can you sand my parking lot?

Our fleet of sanding trucks is available 24/7, and can often be on site for an emergency sanding within two hours of call out.

What types of products can be used for sanding?

There are a variety of acceptable sanding products. We recommend a 5mm rock chip product as this provides the most traction for parking lots. However some surfaces may be sensitive, such as parkades with special coatings, so other acceptable products could include sand, ice melt, or a mix of the two.

What type of equipment is used for sanding?

Our fleet of trucks include everything from large sanding trucks with a 10 cubic meter sanding box, to smaller one-ton trucks with two cubic meter capacity, to smaller sanding trailers and even smaller specialized equipment to fit into tight spaces.

Should sidewalks also be sanded?

Yes sidewalks should also be sanded, however unless the sidewalk is particularly large, different equipment is used for this application. Sidewalks can be sanded by hand, or with other equipment specifically designed for sidewalks such as a fertilizer spreader, or motorized tow units. We also rent sand boxes to leave on site so people using the site can sand their own trouble spots if needed.

How is sanding a parking lot different from applying salt to a parking lot?

Applying a sand product to a parking lot in Edmonton is recommended over salt in this region. Salting parking lots and roadways is more popular in regions with higher temperatures, as the salt will work with the warmer temperatures to melt away any snow or ice accumulations present. Generally, Edmonton is too cold for this strategy to work effectively, so applying sand is preferable since it will result in the traction needed to help prevent slippery surfaces.

Snow Removal & Parking Lot Sanding
Edmonton & Area
Award winning snow removal & parking lot sanding services since 2001

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We can prepare a custom parking lot sanding plan that’s just right for you

GrassChopper Landscaping can help design a sanding program for your property to ensure it’s kept in a slip-free condition for the entire winter. Can we setup on-call programs, or a regular schedule to automatically sand when the parking lot is slippery, so you don’t have to worry about calling us out each time. You will know your property is being professionally maintained and kept in a safe condition at all times.

Winter sanding and de-icing – ongoing or by request

Whether you’re interested in an ongoing snow removal and de-icing contract, or need service by request, call us today. Our staff and equipment are available 24/7, working through the night when it makes sense to have parking lot clearing and sanding completed before the morning rush.

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Avoid accidents in icy parking lots

Even one patch of ice can result in a nasty fall or a fender bender. Get GrassChopper on the job. We can use any combination of rock chips, sand or salt to reduce and minimize ice buildup. Our experienced crews will use the best products for the conditions.

Contact us now for a free estimate. No job is too big or too small.

Our Edmonton parking lot sanding clients include:

  • University of Alberta
  • Alberta Infrastructure
  • SNC-Lavalin
  • Oxford Property Management
  • Government of Canada
  • Melcor Developments
  • City of Edmonton

Snow Removal & Parking Lot Sanding
Edmonton & Area
Award winning snow removal & parking lot sanding services since 2001

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