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GrassChopper Landscaping has been providing professional landscaping services in the Edmonton area since 2001. We work on a variety of landscape projects for a wide range of customers. We employ an army of highly trained landscape professionals, eager to bring each and every landscape project to life.

Hydroseeding is an economical and efficient means to establish turf and used for erosion control. It is one of the many landscape services we provide, and we are experts in this field. We have extensive experience in the mixing and application of hydroseed, and are equipped with a variety of equipment for every type of hydroseed installation. We can also recommend the best hydroseed mixture to best suit each type of application. We are leaders in the hydroseeding field, boasting extremely high germination rates in our hydroseed applications, so every customer can rest assured that a quality hydroseed application will grow into a luscious landscape.

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Hydroseeding – Edmonton & Area

Hydroseed is a mixture of several elements combined water that together form a ‘slurry.’ The ingredients will vary depending on the type of application and desired result, but generally include a mixture of varying grass seeds, a fibrous mulch material to maintain moisture, and sometimes fertilizer and/or a binding tackifier. Basic applications will include the water, seed, and mulch only and is most common in residential applications and basic commercial applications. Fertilizer will promote seed germination and can easily be mixed in, but is not a typical requirement. Sometimes a ‘tackifier’ will be added, which helps bind the slurry mixture to the soil. This is typically used in areas where erosion could be a concern such as slopes or areas that may experience wind or water erosion.

Every ingredient in a hydroseed mixture has varying options within that ingredient, so it is very important that the application is well understood before simply proceeding with a hydroseed application. The grass mixture itself has a huge variance, and should be well thought through in advance. There are always multiple grass seed varieties in every application, as some seeds will help with initial establishment, while the other mixes grow in more slowly and will eventually take over through time.

Choosing hydroseed for Edmonton area applications…

Some grass seed mixtures are designed to be cut regularly, others are designed to be maintenance free or ‘naturalized.’ Many grass seed mixtures include weeds, that will eventually be choked out by the slower growing, dominant grass seed in the mixture. Mulches and tackifiers vary significantly depending on the application, our hydroseed consultants/installers can ensure you choose the appropriate mixture so the quality is sufficient for the application, keeping budget in mind.

Once the product is mixed in a tank with water, a slurry agitator should be used to ensure an even mixture of ingredients in the water. No agitator will result in uneven ingredient application and will not grow in evenly. Once mixed with agitator running, our hydroseed applicators will arrive to site and spray the slurry directly on prepared topsoil. The grass seed will slowly establish itself with zero to little maintenance required, depending on the application.

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Can hydroseed work on anything?

Hydroseed has been known to grow in a variety of soil compositions including clay and marginal materials (clay mixed with topsoil), but for best results, it should be installed on Class B topsoil. Ideally, the soil should be 150mm in-depth and compacted with a sod roller or other means of compaction, however, the grass seed will germinate in soils of thinner depths. The seed germination by soil type will also vary depending on what type of seed mixture is used.

Should I water the hydroseed?

Hydroseed is designed to be a low maintenance and cost-effective solution to growing turf, and watering is generally not required. In normal weather conditions, natural precipitation should be enough for the seed to germinate and turf to establish, though drought seasons will result in much slower grass germination. The added water can help, providing that the watering is not so overwhelming in volume to create erosion problems and wash away the grass seed.

When should I cut the hydroseed?

It is important to understand that hydroseeded areas do differ from sod applications. Sod is fully established turf with no weeds and a well-established root system.  Early expectations should be tempered with hydroseed, as it will take time to establish, and will rarely ever reach the same level as sod. Most hydroseed mixtures include some weed varieties and other grass varieties to help germination, but will eventually be choked out by the dominant grass variety. In the early stages, a hydroseeded project may appear to be a field of tall weeds, with little to no actual ‘grass,’ leading some project stakeholders to jump to conclusions that the application was poor quality. While it is possible to have a poor application, most of the time this apparent ‘field of weeds’ is by design. The taller weeds provide shade for the delicate grass seedlings, once the weeds reach 6”-9” height, the grass area, if not designed to be naturalized, should be cut. Regular cutting will help the desired grass variety slowly choke out the weeds, and over a period of 2-3 years will result in a nicely established turf area.

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Hydroseeding has many benefits for a variety of applications. While not the end-all solution to all turf needs, it can be a very effective answer when time and budget constraints exist. GrassChopper are industry experts and leaders in this field, offering the best applications available.