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Sodding in Edmonton can be tricky business with such temperature extremes from winter to summer, it is important to ensure the sod consists of the right mixture of grass seed to achieve the lush lawn we all seek.

sod delivery edmonton - pallet of grass sodWe supply the SUPER SOD Kentucky Bluegrass mix, which is tested in this climate to produce the optimal results for lawn lushness, while balancing water conservation. The turf produced from this seed mixture will grow in thick and green, while also requiring less water than typical sod blends.

Our sod farms in the Edmonton area have year round irrigation access, so our sod is kept heavily watered and healthy, and the supply is consistently available all season long. This means you are never waiting for, we can often have your sod order delivered the very next day after ordering.

Our sod is cut from the field on demand, meaning you always get the freshest sod possible. Our sod farmers start very early in the morning, cutting the sod from our fields the very morning of the delivery day.

Edmonton Grass Sod Sales & Delivery
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We don’t stockpile our sod on pallets waiting for someone to buy it, this can not only be wasteful, but as sod ages on pallets it dries out, heats up, and can quickly spoil. This is how we can offer the SUPER SOD guarantee, if you’re not happy with the quality of our product, let us know right away and we’ll replace it at no cost.

I don’t have a truck, do you deliver the sod?edmonton sod sales

Yes, we have both sod pick up and sod delivery options available. We can often deliver an order the very next day, and we deliver sod in Edmonton, as well as most other areas of Alberta. 

What are the sod piece sizes?

Our sod rolls are available in 2’ x 5’ pieces, totaling 10ft2 per piece. Full pallets contain 70 rolls, or 700ft2.

When is the best time of year to sod in Edmonton?

In Edmonton, sodding can generally be done from May through October, though it will depend on seasonal temperatures. Installing sod in cooler temperatures will reduce the need for initial watering, but can be completed in virtually any temperature during the summer season.

How to install sod?

A successful sodding project first starts with a smooth grade of soil. Soil should be minimum 3”- 4” in depth, though anything over that depth is ok. The soil should also be somewhat compacted with a sod roller, and graded so it’s smooth without lumps, bumps, or humps. For best results, spread a thin layer of fertilizer that is rich in phosphorus (a high middle number) directly on top of the soil. This will help promote early root growth which is essential to a lawn becoming established and requiring less water. Then simply lay the sod down with the edges flat to the ground, and tight to the other pieces of sod. Rows should be perpendicular to the slope so as not to create long ‘water channels’ down the slope, and the rows should also be staggered for the same reason. After sod is laid, it should be rolled with the sod roller in perpendicular directions and watered heavily.

Edmonton Grass Sod Sales & Delivery
Edmonton & Area – Pick up or Sod Delivery
Award-winning landscaping services since 2001

How much should I water new sod?

Newly laid sod will need lots of watering at the beginning, but will require less and less as the turf becomes more established. A new lawn should be watered heavily directly after sod installation, typically all areas should receive an hour of water from a sprinkler. A test to see if the sod has received enough water is to simply lift the corner of a piece up, if the soil underneath is saturated with water then it’s received enough, if it’s not saturated, it needs more.

Watering requirements will change based on temperature, wind, and exposure to sun, but generally, sod needs to be watered for an hour each day for the first week. Then every second day the next two weeks, then once or twice a week after that until fully established.

Can I walk on the new sod?

Sod can be walked on only during the installation of sod, though traffic should be minimized so as not to cause indentations in the soil beneath. Where people can often run into trouble is walking on the lawn while it’s wet from watering or rain. If new sod is walked when it’s wet it’s very similar to walking on mud, there will be indentations in the ground and creating a very bumpy and uneven surface. This cannot be easily ‘rolled out’ with a sod roller, the sod will need to be removed, soil leveled below, and sod relayed on a flat surface. Generally, the lawn can be fully used in one to two months after sodding is completed.

When should I mow the lawn for the first time?

New sod has no established root system, so it will dry out quickly. As roots slowly grow into the soil, grass blades also grow taller, creating some shade for itself. It’s important to let this grass grow longer than usual for this reason and also to limit foot traffic. The length of time may vary depending on the time of year the new sod was installed, but the first cut can generally be completed six weeks after the sod was installed.

MORE INFORMATION: want to know more about sod? Click here (Wikipedia)

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We are experts in the growing, sale, and installation of sod techniques.
Our staff includes Journeyman Landscape Gardeners, Certified Horticultural Technicians, and Landscape Management Degrees, so we can answer any questions you may have.

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