Landscape Construction, Grounds Maintenance, and Snow Plowing Jobs in Edmonton, Alberta

Welcome to GrassChopper Landscaping, home of the best landscaping jobs and careers available in all of Edmonton, and perhaps even the world! At GrassChopper we have a strong focus on safety, quality, and professionalism, like a lot of construction and maintenance companies. What makes GrassChopper a different place to work is the combination of those factors along with a truly fantastic culture. Our team is very important to us, and much time, energy, and money is spent on continually developing a great team and vibrant culture.

GrassChopper is a place where we treat our people as people, we care about each other and we acknowledge that people have lives outside of work. We encourage innovation, creativity, and idea sharing. Even though many of the managers and foremen have been here for a long time, there are always better ways of doing things and we love to hear them, it’s how we progress as a company and as people.

At GrassChopper we believe that life is about more than working 100 hours per week, there are robots for that! At GrassChopper we do work hard, and sometimes long hours, and we think that should be balanced with the non-work elements of life. We encourage our staff to be a part of our many team building activities where we can develop relationships outside of a strictly work atmosphere. Our initiatives include a company slo-pitch team, a summer orientation BBQ, a mid-summer BBQ, the annual GrassChopper Awards (The “Choppies”), an annual multi-day retreat for managers and foremen to Nordegg, and a bunch of other fun activities that brings our team together and keeps it close.

We also strongly believe in equal opportunity and advancement at GrassChopper. Opportunities are based upon individual merit and work ethic, that’s it! We are proud to boast that about half of all our foremen are women, and our entire team is a highly diversified mix of people from around the globe. We believe that everybody that works here should be treated with respect at all times, and we work hard to ensure that standard is upheld.

We take care of all our staff; everyone is eligible for benefits, RRSP matching programs, ongoing professional training, and we are always looking to promote from within. Every single one of our superintendents, foremen, and lead hands were at one point a labourer at GrassChopper Landscaping. We have devoted and will continue to devote time, energy, and money to train and mentor motivated staff to achieve excellence in their professional lives.

We are always looking for motivated, energetic, and positive people to join our team. If that sounds like you, we look forward to meeting you!

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