Green Roofs

Green Roof System vs Roof Top Gardens

Did you know that while roof top gardens are a growing trend in urban settings, the concepts of a “green roof system” and propagating plants on top of structures dates back to 400 BC? And if we get technical, there is a difference between a green roof system and roof top garden.

Roof top gardens are an innovative way to expand the living areas of urban dwellers. Typically 6” to 3’ in depth, depending on the weight bearing load of a roof system, roof top gardens can accommodate trees, shrubs, lawns, bedding plants, containers and planters. This organic green space offers a therapeutic, natural environment for recreation and relaxation.

A green roof system, on the other hand, is the practical application of soil and vegetation on a roof that serves to improve insulation and energy efficiency of the building. Unlike roof top gardens, a green roof system is usually 2-3” to 1’ in depth and functional rather than aesthetic in nature.

Green Roofing Solutions by Grasschopper Landscaping

Grasschopper Landscaping, based in Edmonton, Alberta, offers both roof top gardens and green roof systems. Tell us your vision and your goals for turning this typically unused space into a decorative oasis or practical platform and we will work you through the options. Our landscape construction professionals look forward to discussing green roofing solutions for your project. Request a quote today!